How to Order an Article

At The Content Authority we have three primary ways to order varying degrees original content. The preferred method for clients is our Standard-type content order. The second preferred content type is Direct. Lastly, if you’re looking for original content rewritten from existing content you own, we have Rewrite-type orders.

Standard Orders

Standard orders are typical orders that are available to all writers based on their proficiency level. We have four proficiency tiers at The Content Authority: Basic, Great, Excellent and Expert.  The article you get back will feature original content and have quality based on the tier level you chose.

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Direct Orders

Direct orders are placed with specific writers at a price often set by the writer. You can search for specific writers based on your needs for the article and select writers that meet your desired price-point and end goals.

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Rewrite Orders

Rewrite orders are accessed by all proficient writers and consist of content owned by you being rewritten to be made unique. They’re low quality articles and best used for low quality links and should not be used as primary or even secondary content.

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Additional Support and Reading

If you’re interested in learning more about these order types please refer to our Content Guidelines page or contact our excellent client support team at