Writer Pay Rates

Payment Method

The Content Authority currently submits all payments through PayPal. In order to be compensated for work performed, each writer must have a PayPal account set up. If you do not already have an account, please visit www.PayPal.com as soon as you are hired as a writer in order to have this payment method in place. You must inform The Content Authority if there are ever any changes to your PayPal account to prevent any difficulties in receiving payments, by updating your PayPal email in the “My Account” area.


Payments to writers are made every other Monday by 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time, based on all approved articles received into the system by 12:01am on that same day, Monday. Writers must have a minimum of $25.00 approved articles to receive payment for the week. If your account is below this amount, it will carry over to the next week(s) until the minimum is met. Writers are only paid for approved and accepted articles. No payment will be made for rejected articles.

Pay Rates

The amount a writer is paid for an article is determined by the number of words requested by the client, article type, and level of quality listed for the article.  This value is listed under the “compensation” tab when both viewing the order list and each individual order.  Upon completing the order, the value will then again be shown on the Earnings page.

Certain orders pay based on the tier level of the article.  This pay rate is independent of your current tier ranking.  You do not get paid more for writing a Tier 1 article as a Tier 3 writer.


Each writer is able to view his or her earnings on the “Earnings” page.   Here you will see the invoices of the articles you have written and their status.  Each invoice will describe if they have been paid out and if the order they represent have yet to be approved by the client. This area will show you the amount each article will compensate you along with historical information regarding your account.

Tax Information

The Content Authority considers each writer an Independent Contractor and as such, it is the writer’s responsibility to report all earnings to federal, state, and local tax agencies. At the end of the calendar year, you will be sent a 1099, if your earnings are greater than $600, or based on the most recent IRS Tax code requirements. Please consult a tax professional if necessary.  All United States citizens must fill out a 1099 form in order to write for The Content Authority.  Refusal to fill out the form will terminate your access as a writer with The Content Authority immediately as The Content Authority requires these forms to be compliant with local, state and federal laws.

Miscellaneous Information

In order to increase your earning potential, submit the highest quality work for each article, regardless of tier level or compensation rate. If you feel you are ready to receive a review of your work, request a tier increase. The amount you earn per hour will vary based on your skillset and the available orders in the queue.   The Content Authority makes no promises pertaining to this amount as it is up to each individual.

All written work becomes the sole ownership of the client. The work you perform for The Content Authority is never to be reused, resold, or otherwise utilized by the writer.  Writers do not retain the rights to the articles they write and those articles can be sold, modified and published by the client as they please without attribution to the writer.


If you have any questions, email support@thecontentauthority.com.