Content Guidelines

These are basic guidelines for ordering content through The Content Authority.  Please read through this document to understand which service will best meet your needs.

Standard Orders

Standard Orders are placed with all writers at or above the tier (quality level) that you specify.  You can receive higher quality from lower tier orders due to higher quality writers picking up those orders but it should be expected that this is the exception, not the rule.  It is best to order at the tier with the quality expectations that meet your desired results.

The Content Authority has a revision system in place for orders that fail to meet the expectations of the tier at which they’re ordered. Please note that revision requests that ask for changes beyond the quality level requested can be refused by The Content Authority’s editors/administration.

  • Basic (Tier 1)

    Basic articles are articles written in English for the purpose of being posted to article marketing sites with no quality guidelines.  While the basics of grammar and spelling are expected for this tier and all of our articles, the content received will be considered by most English speakers as “basic English”— the articles will make sense and will have rudimentary structure.    As such, it is recommended to have easy-to-follow instructions that respect the writer’s time given the price-point of this tier.   Instructions are subject to the discretion of our editors/administration and revision requests at this tier based on instructions outside of the scope of this tier can be refused.
  • Great (Tier 2)

    Great articles are written in English for the purpose of being posted to article marketing sites with few to no quality guidelines.   These articles will be better than Basic articles but they’re not going to “masterpiece” quality.   The article will have better structure, better wording and overall be of  higher quality.  However, these articles will not meet approval standards of article marketing sites like EzineArticles, Hubpages, or Infobarrel.  Like Basic articles, instructions at this level should respect the writer’s time for the price-point paid.  Typically, at this tier you can request specifics such as “write in UK English” or “compare/contrast X, Y and Z products”.
  • Excellent (Tier 3)

    Excellent articles meet quality standards of sites like EzineArticles and will be of high enough quality to post on your own sites as articles/blog posts.   At this tier, the writer’s “personality” will begin to shine through and you should start seeing some interesting sentences crop up along with increased general word/sentence variety.  Like the other tiers, you should still respect the writer’s time for the price paid.  Most writers at this tier reside in the United States and the UK and instructions that require excessive research or time-spent-per-word might be passed up for easier to write articles.  Generally, clients request specific types of articles (write a review, write a first person blog post, etc.) as well as other basic requirements at this tier.
  • Expert (Tier 4)

    Expert articles are the best quality “standard” articles we offer at this time.  These articles will be high quality and fit for any type of money-making website.  This is also the appropriate level to order engaging sales copy. At this level, writers will take more care about their rhetoric, ensuring some degree of audience-awareness takes place with the words they write.   These writers will be confident wordsmiths and ultimately what you will receive will fit whatever plans you have for the copy they write.   At this tier, you can be fairly detailed with your instructions without much worry for the writer’s time.   However, it should be noted that this tier is not sufficient for requests such as “read this book and write a detailed review”. Such time-consuming research/analysis requests, while possible, must either be done as a “Direct Order” or outside the system using our Client Support team to find an appropriate writer for the project.

Rewrite Orders

Rewrite orders are accessible to all writers at Tier 2 and above and feature copy that is written using text you provide.  Our writers then rewrite your text sentence-by-sentence. You will receive an article that has roughly the same number of words, sentences and paragraphs as your original article.

Several considerations should be made with rewrite orders.   First, you need to be the owner of the text you provide.  We cannot rewrite text that you don’t legally own.   Second, the quality of the rewrite you will get back should be considered the same as a “Basic” standard order.  Revision requests asking for quality higher than the expectations outlined with Tier 1 articles or requests asking for the copy to be more than a sentence-by-sentence rewrite may be refused.   Finally, there are no guarantees for the number of words, sentences, and paragraphs for rewrites (word count for resulting article will always have at least the same number of words as the original copy).

If you need higher quality rewrites or rewrites following specific instructions, please consider either placing a Standard Order or a Direct Order instead, with instructions reflecting this desire.

Direct Orders

Direct orders are freeform in terms of what you can order and the quality you can expect.  For the most part, we consider these orders personal agreements between the clients and the writers they choose.  You can require practically anything in the order’s instructions and the writer has the opportunity to agree to these terms or not.  If they accept the instructions and write for you, our staff will hold the writers accountable if any revisions are needed ensuring you’re happy with the final result.

Given the nature of these orders, writers can pick-and-choose what they write and can choose not to write orders they feel are not worth the price proposed.  As you may expect, we do recommend that you respect the writer’s time and personal ability with the Direct Orders you create.   We have writers at The Content Authority that write at or above what people generally consider 0.10/per word content and the Direct Order system allows clients to compensate them fairly based on their skillset and the type of order they’re placing.  A 0.10/per word a writer may accept a very simple order (meaning very little requirements/instructions) for less than this value but pricing too low may cause the writer to ignore/reject the order.  Respecting the writers with your instructions and price offered per word will ensure that your chosen writers will quickly pick up, write, and produce generally better articles for you.

Given the sheer number of writers we have writing at The Content Authority, you may want to contact Client Support for help in finding the right one.  We have writers at nearly every price point (from 0.01 price per word to 0.10+ price per word) and our support team can help you identify a writer whose price and skillset match your given project.

Please note that TCA reserves the right to remove any language in order instructions that may be deemed inappropriate or unprofessional, such as, but not limited to: personal contact information, threats to grade poorly, requests to provide more words than ordered, demands that only Native English writers write Tier 1 articles, or insisting upon higher quality work than the tier level demands. We ask that you treat our writers with courtesy when you order and that you be polite and professional in your dealings with the writers if you ever need to return an article for revision.