Client FAQ


How do I get support from The Content Authority?

If you need support from The Content Authority staff/editors use one of the following:

  • Submit a ticket using the “Support” link at the top of the site while you’re logged into the writer portal.  Choose a category that best matches your problem.
  • Email


How do I place an order?

Please see our guide, How To Place an Order at TCA for step-by-step instructions for placing orders.

How long does an order take to write and get back to me?

Most orders are completed within one business day.  However, factors such as length, level of quality and total volume can impact turnaround times.  During especially busy periods, turnaround times can be greater than 72 hours.  Orders that have not been completed within 72 hours are placed into a priority queue where they’re completed faster.

Which parts of the order does the writer see?

The writer will see all applicable information necessary to complete the order, this includes the keywords, keyword density, instructions, word count and date placed.  They do not see the label you selected for the order, or in the case of Direct Order pools, the other writers you’ve selected for the pool.

What should I write in the instructions box?

Please provide instructions that are clear and concise and include any information you feel will help the writer to craft the style, tone, and “voice” you seek for that order. Instructions may include a preferred title, a URL of a site where you want the writer to do research, whether you want brand names included or not, the purpose of the article, if you prefer a casual style, or any other information that you feel will be helpful to the writer that picks up the order. While it is important to be clear, it is also important to be concise as well. Please see the Content Guidelines to know what is reasonable to place in instructions for a particular quality level.

How long do I have to approve an order?

Once available for your review, an order must be approved or sent back for revision with 72 hours.   After this period, the order will be automatically approved and no revision requests can be made.

What constitutes an article revision request?

Article revisions are made during the 72 hour approval window.  Revision requests should be made because of the two following reasons:

  1. The article does not meet the standards of the tier/price paid.  These standards are found here.
  2. The writer did not follow the written instructions.

Revision requests are subject to the discretion of the staff of The Content Authority and can be declined at any time, for any reason.  If the revision process fails to yield a satisfactory article, please email and we will work with you to get an article that meets your needs.  Please include the Order ID of the article so that we can quickly review the order and reassign it to a new writer if necessary.

What rights do I have with the content?

You own the content delivered by us upon the time that the order is approved by you or by the system after the 72 hour approval period.  This content is considered yours at this point and you retain all rights to the article once it is purchased and approved–you may sell, distribute, modify, and/or claim yourself as the author of the work.  Content that is not paid for by the you (and not approved either manually or automatically) is property of The Content Authority and you do not have the right to use any content delivered that has not yet been approved.  If an article is revised, you only have rights to the final version of the article and all prior versions are to be destroyed.  If you are not satisfied with delivered content and request a refund, you revoke all rights to that content and those rights are then retained by The Content Authority.  At which point, all versions of the refunded orders’ content you possess should be destroyed and you do not have authority to sell, distribute, modify or claim the work.


What Payment Options do you offer?

The preferred method of payment is through PayPal using the “Buy Credits” page while logged in as a client.  PayPal accepts all major forms of payments including credit cards, debit cards, checks and direct deposit.  For most payments through PayPal, credits are automatic and instant.  If you are unable to use PayPal, you may contact us at and we can arrange for check or money order via snail mail.


Does The Content Authority use plagiarism detection software?

We use proprietary plagiarism software to check all produced content against the web and against previously written articles on The Content Authority.  Additionally, we use Copyscape to cross-check orders as part of our order quality review process to ensure our clients always receive unique content.

Unique Article Wizard

Can I order content for UAW on The Content Authority?

Yes you can.  We have a service specifically for Unique Article Wizard which allows you to easily order article sets for Unique Article Wizard.


Content Ordering Disclaimer The Content Authority reserves the right to reject any order that staff feels is inappropriate. Some reasons orders may be rejected are that they contain language in keywords or instructions asking for information of a nature that may be illegal, illicit, immoral, racist, designed to incite violence, or otherwise distasteful. If you have a question about whether your order will be acceptable, please email Thank you.